Things are growing fit to burst on the hotel roof, where 16,000 litres of earth have transformed the grey exterior into a green oasis. The roof plot has been named the Urban Garden, and urban farmers Jonas Lindh and William Bailey from Gothenburg's Kajodlarna ensure that the hotel restaurants, Norda and vRÅ, have access to seasonal vegetables grown on-site. Root vegetables and pulses fight for space alongside more exotic ingredients such as chilli and ginger. Vain attempts are made to grow the notoriously difficult wasabi, copious amounts of which are eaten at vRÅ. This initiative goes hand in hand with the hotel's emphasis on more plant-based food, and in environmental terms it fully supports the hotel's aim of reducing transport. The next stage of the process is to set up a composting station for organic waste. We are looking forward to other businesses and restaurants taking inspiration from our efforts.