In the kitchen, the stock for the evening's seasonal produce is simmering, the fish has been prepared and the butcher has just delivered that evening's selection of sausages for the Halv Special, a Gothenburg favourite that combines mashed potato with a classic hot dog sandwich. The head chef pours his fifth coffee of the evening and notes with satisfaction that the artichokes, recently harvested from the Urban Garden on the roof, are top quality. The air is redolent with the unexpected combination of local food culture and a global influence via Manhattan, with top chef Marcus Samuelsson providing creative inspiration. In the dining room, candlelight flickers under the olive trees and the murmuring of guests, initially subdued, rises slowly but surely. Laughter echoes between splendid pillars and the sommelier fills glasses with top-quality Oregonian wine. One person is celebrating a big birthday, another smiles at his longed-for date, and a third rocks her chair in satisfaction after a successful business deal. This is social dining at its best; step in and enjoy Norda's beautiful garden!