We welcome you to a restaurant in which you not only eat nourishing, organic food, but are served from a kitchen that still takes its inspiration from Manhattan and its vibrant melting pot of flavours and origins. Nor have we forgotten where we are: the Swedish west coast is a constant presence on the menu, which features the same classic dishes in a greener and tastier form. Book a table, put on your glad rags – or come barefoot if you are so inclined!

Norda is a restaurant with a great atmosphere, the music and the musicvolume depends on what day it is. Sunday- Wednsday: Dinner/ Business feel with lower volume for a lovely lounge feeling with elements of saxophone and violin. Thursday- Saturdag: Fun/ Social Dinner with a higher volume, but still a lounge feeling with tones from loungemusic, groove, R'n'B & soul. 


Enjoy the last day of the week at our restaurant Norda with a lovely Sunday dinner. We serve food from our á la carte menu where you can choose anything from shrimp sandwich, hamburger or vegetarian. Of course you can end up with a good dessert, because you are worth it! Hope to see you on sundays, we are open from 18.00 to 21.00.


Every Saturday and Sunday we can proudly present a brunch that shines green in lovely organic rawfood spirit. There will be freshly baked bread and as a hot alternative you will find burgers, flank steak or French toast with maple syrup to name a few. As if that were not enough, you can revel in a fantastic dessert buffet.

The brunch is served in Norda's green oasis with beautiful Art Deco influences. Welcome to a restaurant where you eat locally produced and organic food. You get a taste experience where our own west coast meets influences from Manhattan with streetfood flavours. Everything from spinach, forest mushrooms and red wine sauce to maple syrup, crème fraiche and blueberries. Come enjoy!